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Shalom Yaladaan wa mashpacha! 

Shalom children and family! Sister  here! I just wanted to say hello and explain to you about our cottage school and online curriculum.


Do you know what a cottage school is? A cottage school is a school or teacher that gives children of different ages academic instruction in the same room. For the children who attend class in my home they already know the benefits of having an older brother or sister around to help explain things whether it be social or academic...or the reward of being an older child who has the privilege of being a class reader for our younger brothers and sisters or explaining a problem on the board for our online classroom.


 Each brother and sister at Yachaad Yasharahla Cottage School is learning at their own pace, they also come together to create and build, class projects and pursue their own educational interests. For example Gabar  (student) Is chiefly interested in rocks; to support his interest his curriculum includes extra Earth Science, Horticulture, and a biblical guided approach to Archeology, that will best benefit Gabar and our community as a whole. Our support of his interest may one day, add a strong brother to our community, who is capable of his skill, worthy of his hire and beneficial to himself and others.

Now here's where I need all my parents and students attention. Although we are all in our young "Gabar's" corner, he must be persuaded in his own mind that his education is important. He must be able to accept his instruction and all that the act of educating entails, this includes righteous admonishment and correction given on equal scales for the spiritual and natural benefit of our children. 


 Our school adheres to the state common core standard...however the curriculum we provide is far more extensive and enriching than your run of the mill common curriculum. For example in addition to IXL Learning and (the common core standards) two of the sites we utilize for curriculum. We also offer math enrichment sponsored by the Elephant Learning Accelerated Math System and are in our first year of learning our Lashon Qadash (Holy Tongue) Language of Hebrew in it's entirety by a trusted Elder of our ancient language, Hebrew History and Biblical Studies for the health and growth of our young brothers and sisters of Israelite Nation, Yachaad Yasharahla Cottage School only teaches base biblical knowledge studies, we do not push any certain name or calendar outside of calendar as it relates to the scripture. 

We also teach financial literacy through the Black Millionaires of Tomorrow Program among others. We physically buy stocks as a class and discuss the market, volatility and strategies to build wealth and become fully self sustainable, we also cover Health, Physical Science, Home Economics, Literacy and Comprehension. 

One of the coolest things about us would be our cartoon coming this fall and our Hebrew One Channel for Israelite Students Coming Late June 2021. 

We hope you join us in our journey back to the richness and fullness of the Most High's Commandments and our culture

Shalawam for now.



Sis Chanah

Ahmah Kalayah Rayach

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Our Philosophy

We are the bloodline descendants of Jacob. The children of the 12 tribes of Israel, who were taken to the 4 corners of the earth on slave ships as a result of disobedience to the Most High Power of Yasharahla. We are awakening world wide and returning to the Most High to keep his commandments and to live this life in knowledge and righteousness. We are fully persuaded to raise the young generation of Yasharahla in truth and separate from Babylon and westernized, thinking, traditions, practices and education.

Our History

We began homeschooling 5 years ago. As the realization that our family was not exactly welcome  the Christian community school in our area. We began to teach our children and several others in our home and since have had many children to benefit from our curriculum by attending in person classes as well as online. 

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