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Lashawan Qadash Course for Sisters

Lashawan Qadash is a very important language and part of our culture. For sisters desiring to learn to speak it, we must concentrate on the language itself and the gender associations that apply to the Holy Tongue.

Together we can study, practice, learn and fellowship. 

Sign up is free, because your learning just like me!

Weekly Virtual Meet Ups

Course meet ups are once per week.

Private Social Group

Our private social group, is set up for member of the Sisters Lashawan Qadash course only. There we will practice writing in Lashawan Qadash, take pictures of our Lashawan Qadash Zaqan "Paleo/Pictogram". Upload and view language related videos and provide support for one another. 

Lifelong Connections don't need me to explain that. 

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