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The Tablet Program
Yachaad Yasharahla Cottage School has implemented a tablet program to help ensure continued education and learning and advancement of our students. Upon receiving a new or used tablet we preform a factory reset and then download all class programs, and apps the student will need to make them successful in class. All student tablets will have parental controls on them and have a parental password as well as an administrative password for school staff to upload material.
Donating to our Tablet Program has 2 simple donation methods. Donors can either
1. Mail in your old gently used tablets. (Please do not donate tablets with cracked screens, as they could present a safety hazard for our students) to our school mailing address. 
2. Donate money towards the purchase of a tablet; ( tablets are purchased from, we purchase Fire tablets for anywhere between $35 and $50 each.
If you are interested in giving to our tablet program please complete the contact us form on this website, call the school phone number or email
Scholarship Program
We at Yachaad Yasharahla Cottage School wish to be able to admit as many Israelite children into our program that desire to attend, whether it be our online classroom or Cottage School site. With that being said we are offering scholarship and discount and payment arrangement programs to our students and the family members of our students. As you know the programs that YYCS are enrolled in are very innovative and require participation and partnerships with several outside entities for instance Dr. Boyce Watkins Black Business School.
As we are sure you know student responsibility and drive to achieve any goal is the main principle in student success but access to programs and training is another. Our class tuition cost is $50 per week per student. If you are able and willing to donate to assist us in covering the cost for one or more of our students. Please click the donate button above, mail in your donation to our school Main address, you can also give us a call for other donation methods and opportunities to help support our scholarship program.
Please know 100% of the proceeds of your donation will be placed toward the educational content and training materials for our students. 

Chanah Azariah Yasharahla

Dean of Yachaad Yasharahla

Cottage School 

430 N. Pasadena Ave, # 104

Mesa Az, 85201

(480)406-5937 Phone 

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