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Barter & Scholarship Opportunities

Shalawam. As your sister I am fully persuaded that building community and brother/sisterhood for our children is paramount to any material gain. Yes, our classes are tuition based however for families that may not be able to cover full tuition cost for your children. Perhaps one of our tuition replacement opportunities will allow you and your family to make the decision to join YYCS. Right now, we offer two opportunities, our Barter.Me & Our Sibling Discount Scholarship. Below you will find more detailed information on both opportunities. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us in live chat, or click on the "contact us" tab for more ways to reach out.   

Playing Basketball


Two Friends

Sibling Discount

Bartering has long been the way of our people. That opportunity is extended by YYCS to the parents and potential parents of our students as well as to our finishing school students. Not sure what you may have to offer?

Find out what we are bartering for! Just ask!!!

No family should have to choose which of their children they can afford to give a righteous education, surrounded by their peers. With YYCS the solution is as easy as volunteering a little of your time. Ask us how!

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