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Providing a righteous online & onsite private school education for Israelite Youth.

All Praises Honor And Reverence Belongs To Yahawah, The God of the Israelites.

YYCS  is a Year Round School: Enrollment is also open year round.

Courses offered at YYCS...

Righteous Social Interactions               Lashawan Qadash Hebrew                                                                                 
Students Personal Interest     
             Broadcasting and Communication                                 
Business & Finance                               Anticipating Moves in the Market                   
Math                                                         Literacy & Comprehension


          Hebrew History                                       World History                                      

YYCS Teaches the Sciences                                           
     Animal & Plant Husbandry    ~   Earth         ~ Li fe & Health Sciences   

     Welcome Mr. Kenneth Everett of  the Kenneth Everett Math Revolution                        Mr. Everett will be sharing his no pencil no paper approach to teaching Algebra to students ages 3 to adult. 


Shalawam! We are fundraising for the future home of our school and Family living for our students and families. 

The Hebrew One Student News Channel

New Broadcast!New Shows!

 New Student Hosts!New Season!

Click the radio link below to listen to our station anytime of day or night!

This year be on the lookout for Teacher Talk! The new radio show hosted by Sis Rayach, dedicated to my fellow Parents and Teachers~ Let us reason together to find righteous solutions to our children's educational struggles and celebrate our individual and tribal triumph's!

We've got a great new line up of student broadcasts and student produced commercials supporting Israelite business in the community. ~ Updates coming soon.



Is this your students first time attending school onine?
What kind of device will your student be using?
Is this your students first time atteding a schol for Israelite Children?

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Reasons Why you should listen to the Hebrew One Student News Channel!!


The Students of YYCS report on the Hebrew One Student News Channel as a way to express the things that they are personally interested in, along with Israelite music, news, weather, world news reports, memory verses and more. Tune in to the Hebrew One Student News Channel below. Mom and Dad will love one of the music, podcasts and news stations Woni Radio has to offer. 


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